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5. Export an ABEL Wallet Account

It is important for us to copy down the recovery phrase of our ABEL wallet address account. The recovery phrase is called Mnemonics / Mnemonic List, which consists of 24 words. With this recovery phrase, the ABEL wallet address account can be recovered anytime and anywhere. Hence, it is prominently important for us to keep the recovery phrase confidential and safe.


Figure 38: 24-word Mnemonic List (Wallet Recovery Phrase).

To export the recovery phrase, go to SETTINGS, enter the Master Password, and press the button REVEAL MNEMONICS. A pop-up window with the recovery phrase will be displayed and can also be copied to the clipboard.


Figure 39: Mnemonic List (24-word wallet recovery phrase).

It is highly recommended to copy down this 24-word mnemonic list and keep this list in a safe place.