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6. Import an ABEL Wallet Account

If you would like to manage ABEL wallet accounts on multiple machines, you may also want to import an ABEL wallet account, which was created somewhere else previously, to the Abelian Desktop Wallet on another machine. To do so, go to the upper right-hand corner to Select Account, and choose Import Account.


Figure 40: Choose Import Account to import an ABEL wallet account.

When importing an ABEL address account, give a name to this account, then enter the 24-word mnemonic list (recovery phrase). Furthermore, a number called the Number of Addresses / Address Instances to Recover must be entered. For privacy-preserving, Abelian Network has a special property that a new address instance will be created every time when the user generates a transaction (e.g., send ABELs). Theoretically, a user can use an unlimited number of address instances for enhancing his/her privacy. In practice, one may keep track of the number of times that the user has sent a transaction and recover that number of address instances.


Figure 41: Enter mnemonic list (recovery phrase).