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A Step-by-Step Guide on Using the Abelian Desktop Wallet

Version 0.2.0

@2023 Abelian Foundation

Abelian is a quantum-resistant Blockchain project. It’s native token, ABEL, is a privacy-preserving coin, which empowers users to send and receive ABELs anonymously and untraceably. Abelian makes use of lattice-based linkable ring signature, lattice-based commitment schemes, and lattice-based zero-knowledge proof systems to achieve the security of quantum resistance as well as untraceability. Abelian’s vision is to build a quantum-resistant Blockchain ecosystem which supports smart contract applications and enhances other Blockchain networks to be quantum-resistant through post-quantum cryptographic bridging technologies.

The Abelian Foundation has developed a desktop version of the Abelian wallet. With the easy-to-use graphical interface, we can now create an ABEL wallet account, export the 24-word wallet recovery phrase, import an existing ABEL wallet account, send or receive ABEL tokens, and even manage multiple ABEL wallets by using one single Abelian Desktop Wallet.

This article gives a step-by-step tutorial on the installation, configuration, and use of this Abelian Desktop Wallet.