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3. Configuration - abec

Go to the configuration folder of abec and make changes as below in the configuration file abec.conf.

3.1 Listen to a Specific Port

The default listen port of an Abelian node (i.e. abec) is 8666. If you would like to use some other port (in the range [1025-65535]), for example 18666, you can specify it by adding the following into abec.conf.


3.2 Broadcast Your (Mining) Node

You can let other Abelian nodes on the mainnet know your presence through broadcasting your IP address. This works if you have a public IP or have some IP forwarding already set at your router. To do so, you can specify your external IP (e.g. in abec.conf:


If you are using some other listenting port (e.g. 18666) rather than the default port (8666), you need to specify the port as well:


If your node sits behind a router, you may also enable UPnP by adding the following in abec.conf.


3.3 RPC Values

To let your ABEL wallet, namely, abewallet, connect to abec, you need to know the values of rpcuser and rpcpass, which are in abec.conf.

rpcuser = [rpcuser]
rpcpass = [rpcpass]

You may keep these automatically generated rpcuser and rpcpass values unchanged.

3.4 Mining Address

If you want to run a full node and also as a mining node (which I think you do), you need to include the initial address of your wallet to the miningaddr option in abec.conf.

miningaddr = [your initial address]