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2. Create a wallet

To create a wallet, go to ~/Documents/abel/abewallet-macos-amd64-v0.11.1/ and run

# macOS and Linux
./ --create
# Windows
abewallet --create

Here is an example.

./ --create
Enter the private passphrase for your new wallet:
Confirm passphrase:
Enter the public passphrase for your new wallet:
Confirm passphrase:
NOTE: Use the --walletpass option to configure your public passphrase.
Do you have an existing wallet seed you want to use? (n/no/y/yes) [no]:
Your wallet generation seed is:
the crypto version is 0
Your wallet mnemonic list is:
IMPORTANT: Keep the version and seed in a safe place as you
will NOT be able to restore your wallet without it.
Please keep in mind that anyone who has access
to the seed can also restore your wallet thereby
giving them access to all your funds, so it is
imperative that you keep it in a secure location.
Once you have stored the seed in a safe and secure location, enter "OK" to continue: OK
Creating the wallet...
Please remember the initial address:

The public passphrase will be used when running abewallet, and the private passphrase will be used for unlocking the wallet (so to spend transfer ABEL tokens). These passphrases should be different and kept strictly safe.

Important: Keep the crypto version and mnemonic list in a safe place, and also remember the number of times that you have recovered the same wallet. The mnemonic list can be used for recovering the wallet in the future in case you lose your wallet, install another mining machine while using the same wallet, or upgrade the mining software.

The initial address will be used as your mining address or payment address later.

Important: All these information should be copied down, namely, public passphrase, private passphrase, crypto version, mnemonic list, initial address, and the number of times that the same wallet has been recovered.