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1. Overview

The main purpose of Abewallet is to manage the Transaction Output (also known as TXO or coin) of the wallet owner.

The main functions are as follows:

  • Create new wallet
  • Create and manage addresses
  • Query the balances or other information of wallet
  • Create and manage transactions
  • Restore wallet with mnemonic words

The architecture is as follows:

System Design

  • Through the connection and interaction with the Abelian blockchain node (referred to as ABEC node), the wallet can query and scan the data in blockchain.
  • The wallet owner's coins and corresponding keys, as well as related data (e.g., transactions) are stored in wallet database.
  • In addition, wallet manages the address, and provides the function of creating transaction.

In summary, wallet obtains data from blockchain, store only the data related to its owner, and produce (transfer) transactions for the Abelian system.