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8. Upgrade the Mining Software

If you already have a version of the mining software suite running (say v0.10.1), you can follow the steps below to upgrade to the latest version (v0.11.0 as of this writing).

Stop running both abec and abewallet of the old version.

Download and unzip the two compressed files, e.g. abec-macos-amd64-v0.11.0.tar.gz and abewallet-macos-amd64-v0.11.0.tar.gz for macOS running on an x86 architecture (e.g. Intel chips).

To ease the description below, let's put these two folders under a folder called abel/ under Documents. Something like:

1. ~/Documents/abel/abec-macos-amd64-v0.11.0/
2. ~/Documents/abel/abewallet-macos-amd64-v0.11.0/

8.1 Run the new version of abec

Go to the configuration folder of abec as follows:

  • Windows: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Abec
  • macOS: /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Abec
  • Linux: /home/[username]/.abec

Comment out all the addpeer options in abec.conf. For example:

;addpeer =
;addpeer =
;addpeer =
;addpeer =

Go to ~/Documents/abel/abec-macos-amd64-v0.11.1/, and run

# macOS and Linux
./ --generate
# Windows
abec --generate

8.2 Run the new version of abewallet

This part is bit complicated as we need to remove the old configuration folder of abewallet and recover your wallet before running the new version of abewallet.

Remove the abewallet configuration folder:

  • Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Abewallet
  • macOS: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Abewallet
  • Linux: /home/username/.abewallet

Go to ~/Documents/abel/abewallet-macos-amd64-v0.11.0/, and run:

# macOS and Linux
./ --create
# Windows
abewallet --create

Press control+C. By doing this, we re-create the configuration folder.

Go to the configuration folder and configure the following options in abewallet.conf:

abecrpcuser= [rpcuser in abec.conf]
abecrpcpass= [rpcpass in abec.conf]

[rpcuser in abec.conf] and [rpcpass in abec.conf] are the rpcuser and rpcpass values, respecitvely, from abec.conf. This allows abewallet to connect to abec.

In addition, in order to let abectl (abewallet control console) interact with abewallet later, we need to set the following options in abewallet.conf.

rpcuser= [username]
rpcpass= [password]

Note: In other words, abecrpcuser / abecrpcpass (in abewallet.conf) correspond to rpcuser / rpcpassword (in abec.conf), respecitvely, and are used for establishing a secure RPC communication channel between abec and abewallet. While rpcuser / rpcpass (in abewallet.conf) will be used for establishing a secure RPC communication channel between abectl (to be introduced) and abewallet.

Next, go to ~/Documents/abel/abewallet-macos-amd64-v0.11.0/, and recover the wallet:

# macOS and Linux
./ --create
# Windows
abewallet --create


$ ./ --create
Enter the private passphrase for your new wallet:
Confirm passphrase:
Enter the public passphrase for your new wallet:
Confirm passphrase:
NOTE: Use the --walletpass option to configure your public passphrase.
Do you have an existing wallet seed you want to use? (n/no/y/yes) [no]: y
Enter the crypto version is:0
Enter existing wallet mnemonic: biology,hazard,sudden,dignity,drop,jealous,butter,believe,answer,enter,practice,scorpion,health,tunnel,rival,vault,neutral,season,proof,must,path,steel,final,female
Please input the max No. of address to recover :5
Creating the wallet...
2022-05-07 19:55:01.548 [INF] WLLT: The addresses with No. in [0, 5] have been restored.
2022-05-07 19:55:02.282 [INF] WLLT: Opened wallet
The wallet has been created successfully.

Note: The max No. of address to recover is the number of times that the wallet has been recovered.

Finally, run the wallet (abewallet):

# macOS and Linux
./ --walletpass=[your public passphrase]
# Windows
abewallet --walletpass=[your public passphrase]


./ --walletpass=123456
2022-08-08 12:36:05.427 [INF] ABEW: Version 0.11.0
2022-08-08 12:36:05.438 [INF] RPCS: Listening on
2022-08-08 12:36:05.438 [INF] RPCS: Listening on [::1]:8665
2022-08-08 12:36:05.439 [INF] ABEW: Attempting RPC client connection to localhost:8667
2022-08-08 12:36:06.270 [INF] WLLT: Opened wallet
2022-08-08 12:36:06.527 [INF] CHNS: Established connection to RPC server localhost:8667
2022-08-08 12:36:17.462 [INF] WLLT: Catching up block hashes to height 48610, this might take a while
2022-08-08 12:36:18.203 [INF] TMGR: Current sync height 1
2022-08-08 12:36:20.069 [INF] TMGR: Current sync height 2
2022-08-08 12:36:20.659 [INF] TMGR: Current sync height 3
2022-08-08 12:36:21.273 [INF] TMGR: Current sync height 4
2022-08-08 12:36:22.446 [INF] TMGR: Current sync height 5
2022-08-08 12:36:23.013 [INF] TMGR: Current sync height 6
2022-08-08 12:36:23.629 [INF] TMGR: Current sync height 7
2022-08-08 12:36:25.184 [INF] TMGR: Current sync height 8

8.3 Run the new version of abectl

Go to ~/Documents/abel/abec-macos-amd64-v0.11.1/, and run the following to check the balance:

# macOS and Linux
./ --rpcuser=[username] --rpcpass=[password] --rpcserver=[IP:PORT] --rpccert=[location of cert] --wallet getbalancesabe
# Windows
abectl --rpcuser=[username] --rpcpass=[password] --rpcserver=[IP:PORT] --rpccert=[location of cert] --wallet getbalancesabe